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Lizzy was on the bus. :) lol it's so fun to beat up Craig, even though the fat shit is afraid of me (HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH) so he hides from me. God, it's so nice out. Rande got his braces off Tuesday yayyyyyyyyyyyy my boo <3
ew Jen I. races to science and she's trying to be the best at everything. She won bingo three times today and tried being cool, yet she dressed like a DB with her Carmel sweatshirt and ripped sweatpants. Ugh, she's trying to get more Boxtops than Candice and she gets mad when Candice gets more hahahahahh

I'm gonna go outside and smoke crack. Peace.

Oh yeah, I was talking with Paglucia today at the buses. yo I think he likes me. He was in White Plains for tutoring for math and switched to team 8D because he hates the Bitch/Forgione/Campbell/whatever the hell she is.
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